Words of Praise

Your site is gorgeous and I’m passing it on to my friends and like-minded folks. I’ve followed you for years. You are a well of delicious spring water for my soul. And your honesty with your life is so very refreshing, by the way. Best to your projects.
Vicki Peterson

Your whole course is a reminder of what I’ve forgotten about myself.  I used to live right with the seasons, sleeping under the stars on the full moons…right under the night skies of nature.  Something has happened to my soul since I’ve not been going with the seasons.  Some part of my soul withered.  Your work is reminding me…thank-you.
Heather McDevitt, Toronto

Thank you for putting all of my interests into one site. The cycle of the year transcend the invisible/invented line between Paganism and Christianity as “religion.” You connect all the key parts of our legacy of soul connection to the rhythms of life. My research about ritual ruses for food and kitchen witchery is what brought me here. I thank you from the bottom of my heart–your site is a true resource amongst the sea of information out there.
Stephanie Hamberger, Colden, NY

Waverly, I just want to THANK YOU- I love the newsletter so much- the work that you do with the School of the Seasons is so important. It nourishes me in a deep way, inspires me, and helps me remember to connect. I really appreciate it! You are like a Wise Grandmother reminding me of the ever present NOW!
Cheryl Morrison, Asheville, NC

As I read your newsletter and keep an eye on the monthly calendars, I am becoming more in touch with myself and the importance of those around me, and less consumed with material pursuits, So thank you for taking your time and energy (and sharing your own disappointments and celebrations) and providing us with such a wonderful way to get back to our true natures.
Mitzi Dickerson, Northern California

Your newsletter is a joy to receive.  Thanks to your work, research, devotion, I am learning the dance of the seasons.  Thank you! A. Smith, Maine

Your newsletter today inspired me to take the time to drink in yesterday a moment longer. You always inspire me.. Thanks again for all your good work – I am always uplifted by a visit to your site and so look forward to the newsletters too.  They are a real bright spot for me. Julie Coningham, New Mexico

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