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All Eight Holiday E-Books

A full year of celebrations. You can order all eight of Waverly’s holiday e-books—Candlemas, Eostre, May Day, Midsummer, Lammas, Harvest, Halloween and Yule– at a discounted rate when you order all of them at once.

E-books (available for immediate download): $90.00

Candlemas (Imbolc) E-Book

Over 30 illustrated pages of ideas for celebrating Candlemas, Imbolc and other holidays of early spring, including
Ancient holiday customs for the early spring festivals of Candlemas, Imbolc, Groundhog’s Day, St Brigid, Chinese New Year and Tu B’Shevat.

  • More rowdy customs from the early spring full moon festivals of Lupercalia, Valentines Day, Purim and Mardi Gras
  • Recipes for fritters, doughnuts, Hamantaschen, Agatha’s breasts and other rich pastries of the season
  • Instructions for creating Brigid’s Crosses and candles
  • Lyrics for Candlemas songs, including the Ash Grove and a song to Brigit
  • And much more.

“Thank you very much for the wonderful Candlemas packet!  I had no trouble in receiving or printing it, and I look forward very much to incorporating some of the ideas that it presents into my Candlemas celebration this year.

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00

Eostre (Spring Equinox) E-Book

Over 35 illustrated pages of ideas for celebrating the joyous mid-spring feast also known as Nawruz, Easter, Passover, St. Joseph’s Day, Spring Equinox and Hilaria. It tells you how to:

  • Make tansy pies, bread bunnies, Paskha and other traditional Eostre foods
  • Decorate eggs the Ukrainian way, using symbol and ritual
  • Create natural dyes using vegetables and herbs
  • Play traditional games like cracking eggs, egg rolling and pace egging
  • And much more.

“All of the materials that you have sent have been thoughtfully researched and combined in a way that helps me incorporate them into my own traditions. The material is presented with care and respect and enhances my existing practice without detracting. You must know that this work is valuable in the world—and although bits and pieces of it are already in my repertoire, your skill at editing and combining it adds usefulness and value.”
— Julia Clay, Harrisonberg, VA

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


May Day (Beltane) E-Book

Over 40 illustrated pages of ideas for celebrating May Day and its related holidays (Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, Floralia), compiled in one reference you can use every year. Includes:

  • instructions for creating a Maypole and dancing around it
  • recipes for May wine and traditional May foods
  • the language of the flowers and the plants of May Day (hawthorn, woodruff and lilies of the valley)
  • ideas for May Day gifts
  • and much more!

“I have ordered all of your holiday packets via e-mail starting with Beltane and I am in the process of ordering the Candlemas Packet.
I find your information invaluable in planning and preparing for our ceremonies.  You are one of the most grounded sources out there.  Thank you for your information and perspective!”
— Julia Rinne, Hand of Spirit

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


Midsummer (Summer Solstice) E-Book

This illustrated e-book contains over 40 pages of ideas for celebrating Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer and Litha. It tells you how to:

  • gather and use magical Midsummer herbs like St John’s Wort
  • prepare a picnic of traditional Midsummer foods
  • make wreaths to throw into the Midsummer bonfire
  • praise the Sun with songs
  • make Gardens of Adonis
  • honor the goddesses of Midsummer, like Kupalo and Anahid
  • and much more

“Thanks for sending out the Midsummer packet so quickly. I love it – so much information and so many great ideas! My goal is to get all of them!”
— Janet D from Hampton NH

“Thank you for your insightful and informative writings. I received the Midsummer packet and am enjoying it very much. My imagination and creativity are charged. Alas, it arrived just after this year’s Midsummer celebration, but I’ll be ready for next year! And of course, my roses are still blooming and inviting me to make some punch!

I am the creative director for a multi-faith spiritual community (Sacred Paths Community) which celebrates that our common connection is the internal and external influences/gifts of the seasons.”
— Carol Fisher, Plumsteadville, PA

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


Lammas (Lughnasad) E-Book

This e-book contains over 30 illustrated pages of ideas on how to celebrate the obscure and mysterious Lammas, including:
Ancient Celtic and Anglo-Saxon traditions of Lughnasad and Lammas

  • Tales of Lugh and Ceres
  • Transformation mysteries of beer and bread
  • Recipes for mead and methlegyn, medicinal and fermented honey beverages
  • Instructions for creating wheat weavings and lavender wands
  • Lyrics for Lammas songs, including Brigg Fair and John Barleycorn
  • And much more

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


Harvest (Autumn Equinox) E-Book

This e-book contains over 30 pages of ideas on how to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, including:

  • Ancient celebrations of Harvest and Michealmas
  • The meaning of the Harvest Moon
  • The September Full Moon holidays of Mid-Autumn Moon and Sukkoth
  • Transformation mysteries of beer and wine
  • Recipes for gingerbread, ginger beer and other traditional Harvest foods
  • Instructions for creating a corn dolly and making a basket to honor Demeter
  • And much more

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


Halloween (Samhain) E-Book

This e-book contains over 40 pages of ideas on how to celebrate Samhain, Halloween and Days of the Dead, including:

  • A panoramic review of how Days of the Dead has been celebrated
  • How this holiday evolved — a history of our alienation from the ancestors
  • The last of the autumnal transformation mysteries: making cider
  • Divinations for this particular crack between the worlds
  • Recipes for traditional foods like dead man’s bones and soul cakes
  • Instructions for making skulls and masks
  • And much more

“Halloween has always been a favorite of mine too, and it’s always a delight to work with one of your packets.  They’re always amazing and inspiring!  I’m particularly looking forward to celebrating and doing work this year as my mom crossed over this summer.

“Today is a dark cold day in Chicago.  They’re predicting our first snow
flurries of the season mixed in with rain.  Maybe I’ll have to make a practice batch of bone cookies.  😉

Thanks again, and I’m SO glad you’re doing this work!”
— Deborah Weber, Chicago, IL

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


Midwinter (Yule) E-Book

This e-book contains over 40 pages of ideas for celebrating Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Midwinter, Saturnalia, Winter Solstice and all the other Festivals of Light. Includes:

  • Celebrating Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas
  • Recipes for traditional foods, including porridges and beverages
  • Instructions for making luminarias and pomanders
  • Traditional Winter Solstice games
  • Mysterious giftgivers of the winter nights, including St Lucy & the Frauen
  • Lyrics for ancient and pagan Yuletide carols
  • And much more.

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00


Candles Burning in Dark ChurchThe Advent Sunwheel by Helen Farias

Ideas for celebrating Advent, including instructions on making an Advent wreath, recipes for traditional cookies and beverages, suggestions for a weekly ritual and carols with pagan lyrics. Plus four stories adapted by Helen from the Scandinavian tradition, perfect for reading out loud while the Advent candles burn: The Ice Ship, Holle and Holler, Sul’s Return and Hulda’s Ride.

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00

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