I love my end-of-the-year rituals and this year I am happy to be able to share them with you through two on-line classes.

12 Days of Christmas Class (December 26 through January 6)

In the past, I’ve done a rather elaborate class with tons of ideas for you to use and lots of freedom in terms of direction. This year I decided (after taking and teaching many online classes) to simplify things.

Every day of the twelve days (December 26 through January 6), I will send you ONE idea via email for reflecting on the old year, by focusing on certain aspects of your life, for instance, memorable books read, social events, spiritual insights and accomplishments. At the same time, you will be flagging new ideas and dreams that you want to carry forward into the new year. You will have the opportunity to share your work with me and with other students via email.

Each exercise can be accomplished in ONLY fifteen minutes. I will also send an expanded version of each exercise for those who have more time in their day. For instance, for the timeline exercise, you could look back over your calendar for the year, or your journals, to create a more meticulous record of events.

$24 for 12 days of emails plus feedback

New Year Dreams (January 8 through 29)

This four-week online class will follow the format which is also available in the New Year Dreams workbook. The advantage of doing this with a class is the greater accountability. It’s easy to get stuck or stay on a superficial level when you’re working through exercises on your own. The structure of the class will encourage you to go deeper.

For four weeks you will receive a weekly assignment via email on Thursday and be given the opportunity to report on what you learned in carrying out that assignment. Our topics include Wishing, Sorting, Finding the Time and Making Dreams Real. You will also have the opportunity to get feedback and ideas from me and other students in the class via email.

$40 for the 4-week class

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