Calendars & Planners

New Year Dreams E-Book

This introductory workbook helps you discern your goals, themes and dreams for the year ahead, and can be used as way to plan your course through the year at whatever time of the year you want to set course. Most of my readers use this at the start of the calendar year but you might prefer to use it at the start of spring or on your birthday.

E-book (available for download now): $15.00

A Year of the Natural Planner (5 e-books)

You will receive the New Year Wishes E-Book first, and then the appropriate seasonal planner, until a year has been completed.

E-book (available for immediate download): $60.00

Leaves from the Tree of Time: The Illustrated Calendar Companion

Every week for 52 weeks you will receive a brief illustrated email with a reflection on the qualities of the present time period and one suggestion, task or question that you can savor throughout the week.

Start whenever you like. When you order the Calendar Companion, you will receive the next week’s calendar companion, along with an introductory email.

$36 for a year’s worth of gentle reminders to help you stay aligned with natural rhythms!

52 weekly emails: $36.00

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