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Yule (Winter Solstice) E-Book

The Yule holiday packet is a big one: 60 pages stuffed with information on midwinter holidays, including:

  • History of winter holidays like Saturnalia, Epiphany and Hanukkah
  • Magical gift-givers like Mother Berchta, St Lucy and St Nicholas
  • Recipes for Christmas morning porridges and warming beverages
  • Menus for Christmas dinner
  • Instructions for making luminarias and pomanders
  • A selection of Yule songs
  • And much more

Availabel as a PDF file (sent to you via email within 24 hours of your purchase):  $15.00

“I have ordered all of your holiday packets via e-mail starting with Beltane and I am in the process of ordering the Candlemas Packet. I find your information invaluable in planning and preparing for our ceremonies. You are one of the most grounded sources out there. Thank you for your information and perspective!” — Julia Rinne, Hand of Spirit

Candles Burning in Dark ChurchThe Advent Sunwheel by Helen Farias

Ideas for celebrating Advent, including instructions on making an Advent wreath, recipes for traditional cookies and beverages, suggestions for a weekly ritual and carols with pagan lyrics. Plus four stories adapted by Helen from the Scandinavian tradition, perfect for reading out loud while the Advent candles burn: The Ice Ship, Holle and Holler, Sul’s Return and Hulda’s Ride.

E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00

Winter Natural Planner E-Book

Features questions about how you might use the energy of Winter to accomplish your dreams for the year, plus pages you can use for planning including five Winter months (November, December, January, February and March) and the Winter lunar cycles. E-book (available for immediate download): $15.00

Photo by Shaw Fitzgerald

Leaves from the Tree of Time: The Illustrated Calendar Companion

Every week for 52 weeks you will receive a brief illustrated email with a reflection on the qualities of the present time period and one suggestion, task or question that you can savor throughout the week. Start whenever you like. When you order the Calendar Companion, you will receive the next week’s calendar companion, along with an introductory email.

$36 for a year’s worth of gentle reminders to help you stay aligned with natural rhythms!

52 weekly emails: $36.00  

Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythm of Life

My beautiful new edition of Slow Time.  A new cover featuring a photograph from Cate Kerr. And a reduced price, only $14.99 instead of $19.95.

STcoverSlow Time is The Artist’s Way for time: a workbook offering twelve weeks of reflections, stories and playful exercises to help readers transforms their relationship with time. The book shows readers how to jump off the hamster wheel of artificial time and experience the flow and the rhythm of natural time. “

…an exciting book, inviting readers to a richly transformed relationship to time. A must-read for anyone wanting to recover the sacred in everyday life.” — Melissa Gayle West, Exploring the Labyrinth

“This beautiful book leads the reader through the seasonal dance so that the ancient exchanges between creature and creation, nurture and nature can be gifted again.” — Caitlin Matthews, The Celtic Book of Days

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