Love Affair with the Moon

by Cindy Morris

Songs, poems, odes, reveries. The Moon has been the subject of endless adoration since the beginning of time. Mysterious and changeable, sometimes occulted by clouds or (gasp!) the Earth itself, our satellite, our iridescent child, the Moon floats suspended in the sky, enticing us to dream, to wonder, to reflect. To garden in the moonlight, to walk in the woods with the moon shining through foliage or bare branches, whenever we have the chance to have her silvery light embrace us we know we are being touched by the hand of the divine feminine and we are blessed.

The Moon changes signs (constellations) about every 2 and half days. The Moon is moody; she rules the sign of Cancer. If you know anyone who has a strong Cancerian influence in their chart (Sun or Moon in Cancer, a Cancer ascendant, or lots of planets, especially the Sun, in the 4th house) you can expect that person to be moody! As the Moon moves into a sign the emotional timbre of that sign is amplified. A Full Moon always brings more emergency room activity but a full Moon in Scorpio will make that activity all the more intense!

It’s good to keep track and to know what phase of the moon we are in. Our behaviors and emotional responses directly correlate to the Moon’s lunation phases. When we coordinate our activities with the lunar energies we can really maximize their influence. And we can use all the help we can get, right?

Plant seeds, ideas, visions at the New Moon. Weed, cull, and remove the unnecessary at the Full Moon. The Sun and Moon are in the same sign at the New Moon, intensifying the planting energy and influences inherent in that sign’s qualities. At the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, challenging you to confront polarities in yourself where these energies play out, asking you to strive for balance.

When you know the sign that the Moon sits in your own birth chart you will be able to understand your own moods and how you are affected by the moon’s movement through the skies. Let’s take a look at what the energies feel like when the Moon moves through a particular sign:

Moon in Aries: dynamic, impulsive, full of energy, aggressive, risk-taking

Moon in Taurus: pleasure-loving, indulgent, restful, stubborn, acquisitive

Moon in Gemini: chatty, talkative, social, engaging, communicative

Moon in Cancer: sensitive, moody, nesting, nurturing

Moon in Leo: dramatic, generous, showy, proud, grand, bossy

Moon in Virgo: organized, practical, attention to detail, fussy, judgmental

Moon in Libra: harmony-loving, open to compromise, desire to be just and fair

Moon in Scorpio: intense, passionate, secretive, mysterious, controlling

Moon in Sagittarius: gregarious, philosophical, optimistic, big vision

Moon in Capricorn: executive, can take on challenge, sober, serious, capable

Moon in Aquarius: visionary, humanitarian, innovative, rebellious

Moon in Pisces: dreamy, intuitive, lacking boundaries, compassionate

Do you recognize your own emotional nature in any of these descriptions? You very well could have the Moon in that sign in your chart.  The more you know your chart the better you are able to navigate the often choppy waters of life on Earth!

So whether you’re sailing down Moon River or giving a good howl, take a good look at the Moon, guidepost to the monthly cycle of your life.

Cindy Morris, MSW, is the talk show host of Priestess Entrepreneur: Kitchen Table Conversations (, author of Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job, and astrologer-at-large.

If you want to learn more about your moon sign, you can reach Cindy through her web site, Priestess Astrology, or by phone at 720. 480. 9322.

Photo of this September’s Harvest Moon by Catherine Kerr of Beyond the Fields we Know.

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