Solstice Traditions

My usual practice for solstice is to spend the day in silence. I don’t answer the phone or turn on the TV, radio or computer. It’s a short and quiet day of sleeping and reading, topped off by a long walk at dusk in the nearby park and a bubble bath by candlelight.

Jennifer Louden wrote about her Solstice in 2009. She lit candles in every room in the house, then went for a walk in the dark to talk with her sweetheart about the year and all it had brought, then turned the corner towards home to find the house blazing with light. It sounds like a brilliant idea (as long as you leave someone at home to watch the candles).

I hope you have a Solstice tradition you enjoy. Perhaps you could share it here.

First published December 23, 2009

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  1. Alissa   •  

    I have kids, so silence is not an option. I do feel the Solstice should be a more meditative and contemplative time. I go to a Winter Solstice bonfire some friends host every year. We burn things we wish to get rid of for the new year. Here are some photos of this year’s bonfire:

  2. Beth Owls Daughter   •  

    I do have a tradition, and it’s because of YOU! Every year we do our Sun Wheel countdown. Thank you for all you share, so much goodness you have taught. May your Yule season be blessed and the coming year one of joy, health, and prosperity.

  3. Waverly Fitzgerald   •     Author

    I love your tradition. Thanks for sharing it with so many others, via Facebook.

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